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A Touchless Way to Connect with Your Guests

Improve your guest’s stay without adding more to your day

Increase Revenues & Improve the Guest Experience

Guest Ordering

Guest Ordering

Provide all of your offerings - breakfast, packages, etc. - and let guests place their orders through the app to provide touchless service and increase revenue.

Policies & Property Information

Policies & Property Information

Let guests know about all of your policies and amenities - check-in / check-out, COVID rules, WiFi access, etc. - and simplify their stay with 24/7 access to information about your property.

Recommended Experiences

Recommended Experiences

Give your guests the inside scoop on the best local offerings that you recommend - restaurants, attractions, shops, etc. - and let the app make it easy for them to decide what to do, as well as how to get there.

Here's what Our Clients say about the App...

  • “The Frictionless Guest App is an extension of our personalized, face-to-face guest services and allows us to essentially be with our guests when they are not on the property.”

  • "Having an app that provides curated information in a digital format is key and the Frictionless Guest App allows my guests access to my recommendations prior to arrival so they can better plan their trip."

  • "Guests really appreciate getting a great compilation of places to go and I'm able to save some of my valuable time when guests ask for my recommendations."

  • “Our personalized Frictionless App actually helps us build loyalty and guests feel like they’ve got a back door to local secrets.”

Simple Pricing, No Long-Term Commitment

Special Discount for all AIHP Members!

$17 per Month

If you are a AIHP Member and your property has 5 rooms or less, you get full use of the Frictionless Guest App at a cost of $17 per month (discounted from $19 per month.) If you have more than 5 rooms, you pay the base amount of $17 + $1 per room per month, for the number of rooms over 5.

Pay monthly and cancel at any time. Discounts are available if you choose to pay in advance.

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