Q: How is the content provided to guests determined and how does it get entered into the Frictionless Guest App?

A: The content and recommendations that the guest sees in the Frictionless Guest App are determined solely by the property and you have control of all of the information provided to your guest. It’s very easy to enter your content, though we are always available to assist!


Q: How long will it take to implement the Frictionless Guest App at a property?

A: We can establish the App for your property immediately after you decide to use it. We can also add much of the basic content you wish to provide to guests, allowing you to add details as your schedule allows.

We schedule an online onboarding call to show you how to use the app, which usually takes 30 minutes. It depends upon the amount of content you wish to provide but most properties can be set up to provide the Frictionless Guest App to guests within a day. Once completed, only occasional tweaks are typically needed.


Q: How and when does a guest get access to the Frictionless Guest App?

A: Guests can be provided access to the Frictionless Guest App at any time, from the point of booking — to help with planning their trip — through check-in and beyond. You can send an email or text message directly to the guest that provides a link to the App or include a link in any email you send to them, such as your booking confirmation email.

We also provide a professional printed document customized for your property, which you can display anywhere you choose, to let guests know how to access your property’s Frictionless Guest App on their own once they are onsite.


Q: Does the guest have to download the Frictionless Guest App to their mobile phone or tablet to access it?

A: No. All the guest needs to access the Frictionless Guest App is for the property to provide a link and they can use it on any device — laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Q: Can usage of the Frictionless Guest App be measured?

A: Yes. The Frictionless Guest App has many reports of various metrics that provide you with insightful information about guest usage.


Q: Is the Frictionless Guest App best suited for a B&B, independent hotel, or brand of hotels?

A: The Frictionless Guest App was created for hospitality providers that truly want to help their guests enjoy their stay by having them experience the best the local area has to offer.

While smaller, independent properties or brands may tend to adhere more to this philosophy, the size of an operation has no bearing on the suitability, usability or effectiveness of the App.


Q: If I own or manage more than one property can I use the Frictionless Guest App for all of them?

A: Yes.  The Frictionless Guest App allows you to set up content that can be shared by more than one property, to minimize the amount of information that has to be entered and maintained. It also provides additional functionality that can be leveraged to enhance the presentation of the App to guests.


Q: Where does the Frictionless Guest App run?

A: The Frictionless Guest App runs in the cloud at Amazon Web Services (AWS). That means that all of your information is stored at AWS and can only be updated by accessing your password-protected account.



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