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$19 per Month

If your property has 5 rooms or less, you get full use of the Frictionless Guest App at a cost of $19 per month. If you have more than 5 rooms, you pay the base amount of $19 + $1 per room per month, for the number of rooms over 5.

Pay monthly and cancel at any time. Monthly cost discounts are available if you choose to pay in advance.

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COVID-19 has forced most innkeepers to shut down for some length of time and has had devastating effects on many.  As the economy re-opens and guests begin returning, they may want to limit their interaction with innkeepers but still want to be informed about your recommended places to eat, play, shop, etc.

 The Frictionless Guest App is a great way to inform your guests about local places that are open, co-market with other businesses, and communicate your guidelines for cleanliness, social distancing, etc. Now is the perfect time to get the app ready for you to provide it to your future guests!  We hope to make it easier for you by making the first 2 months free of charge.

Members of ALP, Select Registry and our other partner associations (see below) get a 10% discount!

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