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#057: Creating Unique On-Property Experiences with Doug Bagnasco and Jim DeBlasi, Co-Owners of the Devonfield Inn

Sep 24, 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lodging professionals often needed to find creative ways to incent guests to stay at their properties. Some owners and managers did so by developing new on-property experiences for their guests which they had never offered in the past. 

Doug Bagnasco and Jim DeBlasi, the co-owners of the Devonfield Inn, were among that group of astute lodging professionals who focused their energies on developing a wide-range of on-site guest experiences, by leveraging the strengths of what their property has to offer and partnering with local businesses to bring unique services and activities to their Inn. Most of these offerings became so popular that they live on today as essential ways of providing unique guest experiences.

We are very thankful to Doug and Jim for sharing their insights with us. You can learn more about the Devonfield Inn at