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Connecting Your Guests with the Best Local Places

Feb 20, 2018

For any innkeeper or bed and breakfast owner, your network of local places to eat, play, shop, etc. can provide immense value, which is passed on to your guests and your local community. But that value can also be realized by you in an indirect, less obvious way.

Most travelers come to stay at your inn, B&B or hotel to gain experiences they typically would not have in their hometowns. This includes taking advantage of area attractions, restaurants, cultural events, and the overall natural surroundings.

By having a direct connection with other local businesses, it’s possible to build a network within your community that provides a wide range of great eating and entertainment options you can recommend to your guests. And, once the word spreads throughout your network, you are likely to see more guests coming through your door, as those within your network reciprocates.

This can be achieved by creating relationships with local businesses, historic sites, universities, festival organizers, non-profit groups, summer camps, and even property owners associations. Once you’ve done so, the Frictionless Guest App makes it easy to recommend the best places to your guests which you trust to make their stay more memorable.

What will ultimately happen is that happy guests will refer your property to their friends and families, and local businesses will also help funnel new guests your way. It’s a win for everyone, especially since you are pointing travelers to the best local places in your area. In the end, the rising tide lifts all boats, which will help your property and your local community prosper in the long term.