For episode #18 of the Frictionless Innkeeper podcast series, we speak with Linda Hayes, a renowned innkeeping consultant with ijk Partners, an affiliate of the B&B team. She discusses creative investor/innkeeper start-ups, the opening of new boutique/upscale lodging properties, strategies for hiring General Managers, and her perspective on emerging innkeeping industry trends.

You can also listen to the podcast at blogtalkradio.

When people think of innkeepers, an image often comes to mind of a couple leaving the grind of the big city to own, operate and live at their property. While this is often the case, there has recently been a rise of investors/innkeepers that are purchasing and renovating unique properties, some of whom don’t live on-site or manage the day-to-day work.

For individuals taking this path, many don’t come from hospitality backgrounds, and need the right guidance for helping them make sound decisions to develop unique boutique/upscale properties that generate a solid return on their investment.

Linda Hayes lends her highly-experienced advice to these complex start-up ventures to enable investors/innkeepers to develop successful properties.  She also provides consultation services to aspiring innkeepers searching for existing properties and existing innkeepers looking to improve operational systems, marketing, and the selection/development of support staff.

In this podcast, Linda discusses the various consulting services she provides, the rise of investors/innkeepers, and how the lodging arena needs to move beyond being “merchants of sleep” to focus on providing quality guest experiences.

  • Linda’s background and how she has worked “full circle” in her initial career and the innkeeping world. (1:00)
  • A rundown on the types of consulting services that Linda offers for investors/innkeepers and aspiring innkeepers. (3:15)
  • Insights into her work with investors/innkeepers and how her experience owning and selling the Inn at Riverbend in Pearisburg, Virginia. (5:04)
  • How Linda works in helping with the design, zoning/planning, and re-use of older structures that transform into lodging offerings. (8:57)
  • The services Linda provides that enhance overall operations for property owners. (16:36)
  • Insights into hiring GMs and partial exit strategies for innkeepers to bring staff to free up their time and resources. (20:40)
  • Where Linda sees the innkeeping industry heading, the rise of Gen A, and how today’s travelers are seeking out unique experiences. (26:46)

We are very thankful to Linda for sharing her insights with us!  You can learn more about Linda’s consulting services, by visiting her website.