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Guests and Properties Can Now Text Message with the Newly-Released v5.0 of the Frictionless Guest App

Nov 9, 2021

Today we released v5.0 of the Frictionless Guest App, which allows properties and guests to use text messaging to communicate

The purpose of the Frictionless Guest App has always been to help lodging professionals connect with their guests so they can provide them with an incredible stay experience. Giving guests recommendations for the best local places to visit or information about their property is the fundamental way this is accomplished, and we continue to find other ways to connect guests with their lodging providers.

Frictionless v4.0 gave guests the ability to place orders for any property offering – whether it be breakfast, a bottle of champagne or any other services, packages, etc. – and communicate any special instructions or needs.

The new Frictionless v5.0 continues to build on the mission of connecting guests to their lodging providers by allowing text messaging conversations. A guest or property can initiate a conversation by sending a message through the Frictionless Guest App, which gets sent as a text message to the mobile phone apps of the guest and property. This way, both parties can get notified immediately and the conversation can continue through their mobile phone text apps or through the Frictionless Guest App.

The new Frictionless Guest App v5.0 allows the messaging to occurs seamlessly and keeps the entire conversation for the guest or property to reference or continue later on. In addition, the property can establish groups of people they wish to be a part of the conversation. For example, if a guest sends a message to Housekeeping, multiple people can be set up to receive the text message on their mobile phones and everyone can respond to be a part of the group conversation.

Ready to connect with your guests through text messaging? Please contact us here to learn more about the amazing new v5.0 of the Frictionless Guest App!