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InnSpeak Podcast: The Frictionless Guest App Connects Guests to Other Local Businesses in Your Destination

May 20, 2020

The value of the guest experience, and being connected with other businesses in your community, has always been vital for innkeepers.  But now with the COVID-19 pandemic potentially winding down, and as innkeepers consider re-opening their businesses, this has never been more important.

By keeping your community in mind, and promoting your destination overall, innkeepers can put together experiences and partnerships to help drive business prior to and during the coronavirus recovery. This can come in the form of developing recommendations and referrals to other businesses in your area.

This was the key theme of a recent InnSpeak Podcast interview with Steve Short, Founder & CEO of the Frictionless Guest App, hosted by Ben Lloyd, VP of Marketing, Strategy & Customer Success at Odysys.

The podcast also highlighted how guests are already planning their future travel – especially to drivable destinations – for this summer and early fall.  

In addition, Steve discussed how the Frictionless Guest App is ideal for communicating with guests with minimal face-to-face contact, and how many guests will most likely be more apt to seek out experiences outside of properties.

Listen to the full interview below: