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#023: Teresa Luttrell, Owner/Innkeeper of Enliven Bed and Breakfast, Discusses Her Healthy, Chemical-Free Inn

Apr 8, 2020

For episode #23 of the Frictionless Innkeeper podcast series, we speak with Teresa Luttrell, the owner of Enliven Bed and Breakfast. Located in Kenmore, Washington, Enliven Bed and Breakfast is a chemical- and fragrance-free inn, which is ideal for guests seeking out truly healthy accommodations.

Founded in 2009 by Teresa Luttrell, Enliven Bed and Breakfast offers accommodations that are ideal for guests who are sensitive to chemical-laden cleaning and fragrance products.  The idea for the B&B came about from Teresa’s decades-long challenges with Lyme disease, when she decided to create a refuge for medical travelers coming to the Seattle area for their respective treatments.

The property offers highly filtered air and water, is annually tested for mold, and offers organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and dairy-free food for guests. Teresa also uses cutting-edge steam vapor systems for cleaning, and all bedding is made of organic and unbleached cotton.

In addition, Teresa is launching a new online resource called, which will provide a list of all chemical- and fragrance-free in the U.S., as well as have information on the best cleaning and filtration products.

In this podcast, Teresa provides insights into how she has created a safe haven for patients, and chemically sensitive guests.

  • Teresa’s background, her experience with Lyme disease, and how the idea for Enliven Bed and Breakfast came about. (1:07)
  • A detailed look at all of the chemical-free aspects of the property. (4:12)
  • The typical kinds of guests that visit Enliven Bed and Breakfast. (7:21)
  • What other innkeepers can learn from Enliven Bed and Breakfast when it comes to being safe and chemical-free. (11:29)
  • More about the vapor cleaning system that Teresa uses for advanced cleaning of her property. (17:24)
  • How other innkeepers can be more considerate to guests by using cleaning products without fragrances. (19:49)
  • Insights into the mission behind Teresa’s efforts with (23:53)
  • An interesting anecdote about a current guest who has autism, who has seen an incredible turnaround in his health at the property. (32:54)

We are very thankful to Teresa for sharing her insights with us!  You can learn more about Enliven Bed and Breakfast by visiting their website.