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#024: Kent Schnepp, CEO of Odysys, on the Top 3 Marketing Topics that Innkeepers should Focus on NOW as COVID-19 Winds Down

Apr 29, 2020

For episode #24 of the Frictionless Innkeeper podcast series, we speak with Kent Schnepp, CEO of Odysys, who provides marketing strategies and tips for innkeepers as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down.

As the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown continues, innkeepers are presented with a rare opportunity to use this down time to enhance their marketing efforts to help expand awareness and drive future bookings.

In this podcast, Kent Schnepp, CEO of Odysys, provides deep-dive insights into how innkeepers can develop marketing strategies to ramp up their businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down. Odysys offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing and technology platform that helps innkeepers and independent hotels to significantly reduce their guest acquisition costs.

  • About Odysys and its offerings for innkeepers. (1:09)
  • The 3 things innkeepers can do now to improve their marketing and drive future bookings. (2:05)
  • How and why Foundational Marketing is critical for innkeepers. (6:19)
  • Why innkeepers should seek out co-marketing opportunities with businesses in their areas. (17:08)
  • The right email marketing strategies as COVID-19 winds down. (23:19)
  • Why now is the ideal time for innkeepers to learn new marketing skills or better use their existing marketing tools. (26:51)
  • How Odysys works with its innkeeper customers to help improve their overall marketing performance. (34:22)
  • Kent’s perspective on what the future holds for the travel sector when restrictions are lifted. (36:00)

We are very thankful to Kent for sharing his insights with us!  You can learn more about Odysys by visiting their website.   The company also offers a wide-range of marketing resources and guides to help innkeepers get a head start on getting back to normal.