For episode #33 of the Frictionless Innkeeper podcast series, we speak with Wendy Kelly, the owner of the Wall Street Suites and the Agate Beach Motel – two independent/boutique properties in Oregon – who discusses her unexpected innkeeping journey and secrets to success.

It’s often the unexpected things in life that can both challenge you, and provide a path to long-term prosperity. When Wendy Kelly and her husband acquired the Agate Beach Motel in 1990, they had zero experience in hospitality, and the property required massive renovations for it to even be guest ready.

Fast-forward 31 years later, and the Agate Beach Motel is now an award-winning destination by the sea. Wendy and her husband parlayed their lessons learned to also owning the Wall Street Suites, a boutique property in Bend, Oregon that is ranked #1 in the region by TripAdvisor. 

This episode of the Frictionless Innkeeper podcast series will inspire any new innkeeper to keep on keeping on!

We are very thankful to Wendy Kelly for sharing her insights with us! You can learn more about the Agate Beach Motel here, and the Wall Street Suites here.