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Why Your B&B Should Have a Brand Promise

Jul 12, 2018

A brand promise is simple yet it influences everything from how B&B guests experience their stay to how they describe it to their friends and colleagues to how they comment about it on social media review sites.

Although many innkeepers don’t think of themselves as having brands that are on par with the Marriotts of the world, guests do identify your property in a certain way. It’s not a slogan or a mission statement … it’s an impression, a personality, and an emotion that connects with the guest

The key is being able to identify and maximize this brand promise. The components of a brand promise are simple to construct, but it does require thinking about the following:

It must be easy and memorable: Your brand promise should be very simple, and describe the experience you deliver in a memorable way.

You must be able to measure it: Whether it’s through increased bookings or positive Yelp reviews that align with the brand promise, you should be able to measure the impact of the brand promise.

It should include a future state: Guests are always buying a future emotion of how they will feel — anticipating a delightful stay — when they come to your property.

Here are examples of brand promises for a B&B:

· To provide a delightful and memorable experience for each guest.
· Delighting guests with the most memorable experiences.
· Memorable travel experiences that last a lifetime.

As you read the examples above, they are simple, easy to remember, and place the guest in a future state. With this in mind, it’s critical for every employee to fully understand the brand promise, and work hard everyday to bring it to life for guests.

By reinforcing the guest experience, a B&B’s brand promise can have a strong impact on business results. Knowing what your brand stands for, and delivering on that promise can help enhance overall guest loyalty and increase bookings.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash