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#026: Teresa Luttrell, Enliven B&B Innkeeper and the “Queen of Hygiene”, Provides Amazing Suggestions for Truly Effective Cleaning in the Post-COVID-19 World

Jun 10, 2020

For episode #26 of the Frictionless Innkeeper podcast series, we speak with Teresa Luttrell, the owner of Enliven Bed and Breakfast. Located in Kenmore, Washington, Enliven Bed and Breakfast is a chemical- and fragrance-free inn, and Teresa provides some amazing cleaning and disinfecting tips for innkeepers looking to re-open their properties this summer.

With various U.S. states launching new COVID-19 guidelines for businesses to re-open, many innkeepers are developing strategies for opening their properties for the summer season.

Providing guests with the utmost confidence that their properties are clean, disinfected and safe is paramount for innkeepers. And, traditional cleaning strategies are just not enough in these challenging times.

As a pioneer in owning a chemical- and fragrance-free inn, Teresa Luttrell, the owner of Enliven Bed and Breakfast, provides a deep-dive take on what innkeepers can do to keep their properties safe for guests – from hard and soft surfaces, air, drains, and much more.  Her kids have dubbed her the “Crazy Hygiene Lady” but we prefer to call her the “Queen of Hygiene.”

Teresa also runs, a new online information resource that provides information on the best cleaning and filtration products for innkeepers.

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • About Enliven Bed and Breakfast, and Teresa’s background as an expert in cleaning and disinfecting for keeping guests safe. (1:21)
  • What biofilms are and why innkeepers need to embrace disinfection strategies for removing them. (3:55)
  • About Hypochlorous Acid‎ and why it’s a breakthrough cleaning ingredient for disinfecting surfaces, removing air-borne pathogens, and why it’s not harmful for guests. (11:34)
  • Tips for cleaning surfaces through advanced steam vapor systems. (19:56)
  • How much time it will take for innkeepers to use a steam vapor system to clean various areas in a property. (25:55)
  • How much it costs to use a steam vapor system, and what solution is best for smaller inns. (30:52)
  • What innkeepers can do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through the air. (35:55)
  • Overlooked areas of an inn that should be cleaned and disinfected. (41:42)
  • Why hygiene is the new luxury when it comes to innkeeping today. (43:42)
  • How Teresa can help other innkeepers through her website. (44:15)

We are very thankful to Teresa for sharing her insights with us!  Be sure to listen to our previous podcast with Teresa here, and can learn more about Enliven Bed and Breakfast by visiting their website.